Information Trends

Leading Auto Manufacturers 

  1. BMW

  2. Daimler

  3. FCA Group

  4. Ford

  5. General Motors

  6. ​Honda

  7. Hyundai

  8. Kia

  9. Mazda

  10. Mitsubishi

  11. Nissan

  12. PSA Peugeot Citroën

  13. Renault

  14. SAIC Motor

  15. ​Subaru

  16. Suzuki Motor

  17. Toyota

  18. Volkswagen​

What We Cover! 

We cover virtually every segment of automotive market. In particular, we are focusing on electric drive vehicles, self-driving vehicles, and connected vehicles. Our electric vehicles portfolio includes: 

  • HEVs: For locomotion, these vehicles use a combination of conventional gasoline-powered internal combustion engine (ICE) and electricity stored in batteries.
  • PHEVs: These vehicles are similar to HEVs in that they combine the use of ICE and electric motors, but they have the added capability of external charging.
  • BEVs: These are all-electric vehicles that can only be charged from an external electric outlet.
  • FCEV: These vehicles combine hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity which runs the motor. The fueling mechanism of these vehicles is similar to that of gasoline-powered vehicles.

We track the growth trajectory for each of these vehicle types.

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